Dancing with wolves The perks of adventure photography

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Dancing with wolves   The perks of adventure photography

I decided to take my wife on an adventure photo shoot for our anniversary and this is what she said. "Thanks babe! Another amazing and memorable experience. Who knew I could love them so much. We spent our 8th anniversary (with Ajayce and Aubrey)Dancing with the Wolves @ The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation in Guffey, CO. Founded by Mark Johnson in 2001 as a non-profit organization committed to caring for the survival of wolves in as natural environment as possible. There they provide a sanctuary and rehabilitation for wolves who have suffered from injuries or abuse, and a permanent sanctuary for those unable to be released back into the wild. Mark is great, before we were able to see the wolves he takes the time to tell you the history of these furry animals. If you are looking for a awesome field trip, this one should definitely be on your list!"